Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Practising my Kiswahili

As part of ICT (In-Country Training) with VSO we get 7 hours of Kiswahili lessons to give us volunteers some of the basics of the language. I cannot praise our teacher Lucy highly enough. In just 7 hours she has given us lots of the basic building blocks of the language, enough that I can construct lots of sentences and I just need to add to my vocabulary and language fluency. I think I might see about getting a few more lessons too though, I'm here for a year after all, it would be good to be able to hold some basic conversations with colleagues and people I meet.

So as my own self-assigned homework for this evening I am going to attempt a short update in Kiswahili (yes, I am a nerd, but this shouldn't be news to any of you).

Jana na juzi tulisoma Kiswahili (VSO wajitoleaji). Lucy ni mwalimu yetu. Wiki iliyopita sikufahamu Kiswahili lakini leo ninafahamu Kiswahili kidogo na niki ijayo nitafahamu zaidi Kiswahili. Jioni nimechoka kwasababu nimepokea mengi habari.

Mimi si njaa hapa. Ninapenda chakula hapa. Tunakula mengi na chakula cha asubuhi, chakula cha mchana na chakula cha jiona. Tunakunywa chai na kahawa pia.

Jumamosi, Nicole, Harvey (VSO wajitoleaji) na mimi nitaenda yetu nyumba mpya.

I'll post a translation in the comment section for those who want to read this without the help of Google Translate! Hope all's well with everyone at home!

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  1. Yesterday and the day after yesterday we studied Swahili (VSO volunteers). Lucy is our teacher. Last week I didn't understand Swahili but today I understand a little Swahili and next weel I will understand more. This evening I am tired because we received lots of information.

    I am not hungry here. I love the food here. We eat lots for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also drink tea and coffee.

    On Saturday Nicole, Harvey (VSO volunteers) and I will move to our new house